About DAYS

Our mission is to help families celebrate traditions and share the richness of our cultures with our communities.

We yearn for those warm fuzzy feelings that come from celebrating with family and friends with special foods and ritual objects. We want to share our traditions with our families and friends and we want to do it our way, stylishly, creatively, and authentically.

And yet, we need help: we don’t necessarily live near our extended families and our friends and neighbors celebrate different traditions. We don’t have the time or energy to do the research, the shopping, and the extensive preparation that celebration requires.

DAYS is here for you: We work hard to translate rituals and blessings, search out tasty recipes and cool designs, and develop original craft projects. We provide all the ingredients to help you reconnect with childhood memories, find new meanings in old traditions, and share the experiences with family, friends, and neighbors. So whether you’re celebrating the holiday for the first or the fifty-first time, we want to help you do it your way.

Entrepreneur and designer Maya Lotan founded DAYS, driven by her own need to sustain traditions (and keep her mother happy) and share them with friends and neighbors. She was soon joined by other parents in her community who were excited about the mission and eager to share their own cultures.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join our mission.