I'm writing this post, two weeks into my new project, now named 'HappyDayZ'. I've been completely consumed by the making of Lag Ba'omer into 'Holiday01', the first holiday prototype.  I put up a web page a day before the party, and the DIY bow and arrow kits were pulled together an hour into the party. Hectic.

All my friends were happy to take part in the planning and execution. Together, we pulled off a very unique evening, that didn't look like any other normal evening. It was definitely Lag Ba'Omer. We had a bonfire, with wired potatoes, and an upside down cake baked a special pot. We prepared super yummy meats and veggies on grill. We roasted marshmallows and sang songs with the guitars. The fact that I let everyone into the planning, made it 'our' holiday, rather than mine. How do I keep this feeling moving forward? 

The party was great. It was hectic - but I think what I'm trying to create, really, needs to start two weeks earlier, with each family at home. The best thing for me, was working with my older son on the DIY kit, together, going through several prototypes and making the video; having my husband, pull his guitar out of it's case, and practicing cords on the breakfast table; having my son read the web page, and understanding what this holiday is all about. That's the essence of what I want other families to experience. 

I love this. Thanks friends! Thanks family!

What's next? 

Shavuot is happening in less than two weeks, which is crazy, and then it's time to step back and think about the big scheme of things. I have a general curiosity about all traditions. Let's see where I go. 

Maya Lotan