I think with my hands

In the middle of making kits for Shavu'ot. Late as usual, but having a really amazing time making them. Just got off of a call with a good friend and I finally get it - I think with my hands!! My brain is great too, but I THINK WITH MY HANDS. (Thanks Ella!)

I had wanted to make the kits very simple to use, but with all the running around, and the crazy deadlines, I didn't have anytime to carefully plan it out. And now, with just a few hours to make it work (I love the pressure!), a part of my ingredients, a few note cards,  a sharpie and a pair of scissors - I simply laid everything out - and my structure emerged. 

This might seem obvious to you.. and you're asking why is she even writing about this? Well, I'm a designer, in tech - and funnily enough, I feel I spent way too much time using my left brain. It's time for some right brain activity. 

Maya LotanComment