The Days Project

Traditions are important. They give us a sense of belonging, remind us of our core values, bring our families and friends together and create sweet shared memories. 

Many of us, moved away from our families and are part of a new country and culture (thanks for taking us in:). Raising kids, as our parents age, makes us feel the need to preserve our family cultural traditions, similar to the ones we grew up on. 

In our fast paced lives, celebrating traditions is super hard. We don't have the knowledge that our parents had. We can't just go to their house and let them lead the way, cause they live across an ocean, and don't have the time to sort through tons of available knowledge to carve our own way. 

Is there something that can be done to help? how can we preserve our family tradition, while forming our own, share old and new with our families, neighbors and community? 

So.. I've been working on this idea:

I announce: The days project

The goal: make celebrating and sharing traditions as easy and accessible to as many people as possible. 

The challenge: easy means simple. And simple means not having many options, while traditions are very personal and composed of many little personal choices. 

My starting point: I plan, to create holiday pages and kit, based on my conversation with my local community and friend, and offer those to you as a starting point.

Where you come in: I urge you to try and use my holiday manuals as a starting point, and offer your feedback, so that we can together, evolve into one or several versions acceptable by and meaningful to as many people. 

For now, join me in the effort and goals by sharing the sweetest memory of a holiday tradition in your family. 



Maya LotanComment