product designer


At Days, we have the most fun job in the world - we transform holidays into a box full of experiences for the whole family. We enjoy making traditions relevant and beautiful.

We’re looking for a product designer to lead projects from concept to production. You’ll be responsible for the physical and digital experience of the boxes collaborating with cultural experts, visual designers, operations etc.

You are:

  1. Able to create cohesive, delightful experiences/activities across different media.

  2. Able to lead and get things done.

  3. Have great compassion for users and a passion to make things simple.

  4. Experienced in rapid prototyping and user testing.

  5. Experienced with Adobe Suite.

  6. Experienced in 3D modeling/manufacturing a plus.

  7. Obsessed with crafts/cooking/hosting a plus!

  8. Knowledgeable and curious about culture & traditions - Chinese, Indian, Mexican, or Jewish - a plus!


  1. Design holiday activities, source materials and prototype.

  2. Design instructions, videos, photos and test with users.

  3. Design a cross media experiences for the activities

  4. Design web UX.

  5. Define and iterate on the user flow.

Days is located in Los Altos, the sleepy heart of Silicon Valley.

*This position is contract to hire