Visual designer


At Days, we have the most fun job in the world - we transform holidays into boxes full of experiences for the whole family. We take great joy in making traditions relevant and beautiful.

We’re looking for a talented visual designer who can help us bring our holiday boxes from concept to life. You’ll be developing our visual brand and the end users’ experience in both physical and digital channels. We’re small so you’ll have a lot of creative input and great impact.

You are:

  1. Able to create beautiful compositions quickly and effortlessly.

  2. Have 3+ years of experience and/or an impressive portfolio.

  3. Care deeply about details, but know when to move on.

  4. A collaborator and a team player.

  5. Experienced with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, LightRoom (or PSD), 2D and 3D modeling (a plus). video, photography.

  6. Obsessed with crafts/cooking/hosting and a sucker for traditions - a plus!

  7. Knowledgeable and curious about culture & traditions - Chinese, Indian, Mexican, or Jewish - a plus!

Responsibilities are:

  1. Design our holiday booklets, packaging, instruction inserts etc.

  2. Design digital assets/experiences for our store, web and apps.

  3. Produce photos/videos/animation in our studio.

  4. Design and make 2D and 3D prototypes (laser cutter/printer).

Days is located in Los Altos, the sleepy heart of Silicon Valley.

*This is a contact to hire position.