Celebrate dragon boat festival like a pro with our holiday customs guide

Dragon Boat Festival made easy and fun to share with a 48 full-color page guide packed with stories, traditions and activities. 


Make-your-own dragon boat

Kids and adults alike will have fun assembling their own racing dragon boat and painting it in their preferred team colors. Our original design & make includes everything you need for a fun afternoon activity.

Asset 3@2x.png

make & wear perume pouches to keep away evil spirits

Kids wear perfume pouches to drive off evil spirits (or annoying insects!) while watching the Dragon Boat Races. Our box includes a modern version you can easily decorate, sew & fill with the scent provided. Hang them as a necklace or as decoration.

Asset 4@2x.png

everything you need to make zongzi

Make the savory rice dumplings that remind us of our ancestors who tried to lure the fish away from eating Qu Yuan. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to make your own Zongzi. Follow our video and fill your house with Dragon Boat smells.