dragon boat


Dragon boats are 40-foot-long canoes, colorfully decorated to resemble dragons. Each team is led by a steersman and a drummer who helps synchronize the 20 paddlers as they sprint to the finish line.

Once tied to the Dragon Boat Festival, these races have more recently become a popular international sport.

You can find dragon boat races in most major cities. Watch a race or join a local team.



Make-your-own Dragon Boat

In your box, you’ll find a Dragon boat you can assemble and decorate. Name your team, and pick your team colors. We’d love to see your designs so please share them with us!

In the box (makes 1 boat)

  • 1 wood template
  • acrylic paint
  • 2 brushes

You also need

  • A mess mat (to keep the mess off your table)
  • A cup with water (to wash brushes between colors)
  • Glue (such as Elmers washable school glue) if you'd like the boat to stay


  1. Stick dragon on one heart and leave the other without one.
  2. Place the two hearts together and start sewing from the middle out
  3. When you are done leave the extra string to hang and make a tie

Different team colors for inspiration