perfume pouches


Since many families spend the holiday outdoors near the water, children often wear perfume pouches to drive off evil spirits (or annoying insects!) and to bring good health, peace and happiness.




In your box, we’ve included pouches you can make and hang. Decorate, sew, fill them with the scent provided and hang them as a necklace or as decoration. 

In the box (makes 2 pouches)

  • 4 felt hearts
  • 2 sticky felt dragons
  • 1 plastic needle
  • 2 hot cinnamon spice tea bags (ingredients - black teas, cinnamon, orange peel, sweet cloves, natural and artificial flavors) 
  • 2 strings


  1. Select two hearts

  2. Peel and stick one dragon on one heart, leaving the other without a dragon

  3. Place the two hearts together and start sewing from the top center hole, leaving some string behind to tie for hanging

  4. When ¾ done sewing, place one tea bag inside

  5. Finish sewing, ending with the top center hole again

  6. Tie the ends and hang as a necklace or decoration

  7. Repeat for steps 1-6 for the second pouch


Different scents and meanings

Numerous plant materials are used in Chinese medicine that have a strong fragrance and have various therapeutic effects"

  • Fragrant Herbs for Dissolving Wetness: examples include alpinia, cardamon, red atractylodes, kaemferia, magnolia bark, pogostemon.
  • Herbs for Regulating Qi: examples include acronychia, aquilaria, citrus, cyperus, lindera, sandalwood, saussurea.
  • Herbs for Warming the Interior and Eliminating Cold: examples include galanga, clove, cinnamon bark, evodia, fennel, zanthoxylum.
  • Fragrant Herbs for Opening the Orifices: examples include benzoin, borneol, styrax.
  • Herbs for Warming and Releasing the Surface: examples include elsholtzia, chiang-huo, perilla leaf, schizonepeta, thyme.