Wish Card Game

Story and images contributed by our user - Hila C. 


So here goes:

While we were taking a trip to the old city of Jerusalem during "Hhayamim Hhanoraim" (‘The Days of Awe’ between Rrosh Hhashanah and Yyom Kkippur) our tour guide taught teach us a very fun nice game of cards. It goes like this: yYou pick get 2 cards out of a deck group of cards that describe ing emotions, blessings feelings and situations. Choose one card to keep for yourself and another to give to someone else in the group who you think needs it most. Explain your decisions to the participants. One card you cherish for yourself explaining why and what you wish for yourself, and the other card you give as a present to another participant in the group, which needs it most to your opinion.

This game is very emotional and opens your heart to think of others as well as feel love for yourself.

This game can be very emotional. It helps to open our hearts towards ourselves and others. So, we bought that deck group of cards and since then, every New Year's Eve, we gather our family for a game of love, sharing blessings feelings and emotions. That's the best way to wish shana tova to each other....