Fish-Head Alternatives for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh-HaShanah, literally: 'the head of the year', is often symbolized by a fish-head. Fish breed abundantly, and so they represent plenty. We set a fish-head on the table, and say: "May we be like the head and not like the tail." This expresses our hope that we move forward intentionally in the coming year, rather than linger in the past. 

Here's how to get the fish:

Option 1: Get a Fish-Head From Your Grocer

[FYI, most people just buy a whole fish, which is not very mysterious, and then cut the head off at home. You can ask for the fish monger to cut the head off, and then you take the head and body of the fish home. You can use the fish body in a dish. 

It's easier to get a fish head than you think. Go to your local grocer and ask for a whole fish. Then kindly ask the fish monger to decapitate it. Bake or boil the head and use as a symbol at the beginning of the meal. Some eat a bit of the head, others don't. You may want to prepare a dish like gefilte fish using the rest of the fish.

Option 2: Get a Toy Fish [Joke: Finding Nemo('s Head)]

Another option, is to get a toy fish-head which you can then reuse every year. See the link below!  


Get a lettuce head

For the non fish eaters out there, a head of lettuce will do a great job as well!