Make-your-own 3D Pomegranate Shana Tova greeting card

7 steps | 10 mins

Sending a greeting is all about thinking about another person, and wishing him something meaningful for the year to come. In this project, you'll get to design something personal for a friend, neighbor, teacher or family member. Not only that, you get to go to the mail box and send it to them!

These cards read "Shana Tova" meaning Happy New Year in Hebrew.

What you get

  • 3 pomegranate cutout
  • 1 white backing cutout
  • 2 green leaf cutouts
  • 1 purple greeting cover
  • 1 yellow  greeting interior 
  • glue stick
  • mess mat


Think of someone

A new year greeting, is all about thinking of someone you love, and wishing them something very personal for the year to come. 


assemble the card

  1. Glue the white backing cutout behind the yellow interior (so that all the letters that you see are white)
  2. Glue the yellow interior to the purple cover

Tip  - use a lot of glue to keep things together


Assemble the pomegranate


The 3D pomegranate, consists of3 folded pomegranate cutouts that are glued together. This 3D pomegranate, is then attached to the card. 

  1. Make the 3D pomegranate, by glueing 3 folded pomegranate cutouts, one directly on top of each other. 
  2. Line up the dotted line of the 3D pomegranate to the dotted line in the middle of the yellow interior and center it from top to bottom.
  3. Glue the left and right side of the pomegranate to ten left and right side of the yellow interior, respectively


Make it personal

Write a short message, with a special wish you have in mind for the person whom the card is intended for, and decorate.

Take a picture you can share with us!


Place it in the envelope and seal

  1. Write the address of the recipient on the front of the envelope
  2. Place the stamp on the top right corner
  3. Write your address on the back of the envelope
  4. Fold the card in half, and insert it into the envelope. 


Place the card in your mail box! 

Place the card in your mail box and lift the flag to signal you have outgoing mail to your mailman!


Share a picture of your card in the comments below!