How is honey vital to Rosh Hashanah?


Amalia Haas is an organic beekeeper and educator who inspires the Jewish community toward activism and deeper Jewish connection by exploring Judaism through the lens of the bees.  She is located in Beachwood, Ohio and is the owner of Bee Awesome ( Amalia explained to us how honey is significant to Rosh Hashanah:

  • 1 pound of honey is made from the nectar of over 2 million flowers. When you eat a teaspoon of honey, imagine tasting over 30,000 flowers in your mouth.

  • Honey is produced from a whole season - even a whole year - of rain, sun and plant growth. When you eat it you are tasting the full cycle of the year that has passed.

  • A teaspoon of honey takes 12 bees their whole life to produce.

  • When you say "May it be a Good and Sweet New Year" while tasting honey, you are asking that just as the past year was blessed with all the goodness that created this honey, so the coming year will also be blessed with rain, sun, plants, bees and fruits that the bees and plants produce together.

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Photo belongs to Bee Awesome

Photo belongs to Bee Awesome