Make-your-own Sukkah Decorations

Make decorations and hang in your Sukkah! Store them and use them again - year after year.

For the color chains

  • Construction paper cut into 8”x1” strips (or similar size) like this or cut this yourself

  • Scissors

  • Staple or glue stick

For the lanterns

Instructions for the lanterns

  1. Fold the paper in half

  2. Make long cuts in the paper leaving a border on the top and on the bottom

  3. Open the paper

  4. Punch 2 holes along the top pf the paper (distributed evenly across the width of the paper)

  5. Follow the video to fold the paper to create the lantern shape and staple carefully.

  6. Insert the string through the first hole, then the LED and finally the third hole.

  7. Hang!

Maya LotanRosh-hashanahComment