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JAN 13, 2018 | create holiday memories with your familY


Celebrate like a pro with our lohri customs guide

Our 52 full-color pages booklet is packed with original content, customs, delicious recipes, crafts and music. See, read, and scan to watch related videos.


Weave & light a bonfire night light 

Replicate the tradition of lighting a bonfire with our weaving craft night light. All materials are included. Find some quiet time for weaving, light it up, place it by your bed and dream bonfire. 

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make your own punjabi popcorn to welcome the longer summer days

The flavors of Punjab are mixed into our very own masala (Indian spice mix). Pop it, mix it and enjoy! If you have a fireplace, or an actual bonfire - throw it in to burn away the old year and welcome a new prosperous year.

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make and FLY a traditional KITe UP HIGH IN THE SKY

The morning after the bonfire, is the day to spend with the family flying kites. Our kite kits are colorful, easy to assemble and fun to decorate and make your own. And literally.. a 3 year old can fly them.

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prepare a harvest feast and enjoy indian sweets

To celebrate Lohri, we collaborated with bay area Punjabi chef Ritu Marwah to bring you these staple recipes. For an immediate flavorful experience, enjoy our house curated mix of Indian sweets - Sesame and Para.

Lohri Holiday Box

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