packs 4 unforgettable experiences


engage the kids with an illustrated story about the holiday

A beautifully illustrated children's book by Grace Lin guides you through the customs of the holiday: gazing at the moon, eating mooncakes, drinking tea and lighting lanterns. 

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Make-your-own moon cake

Use this mold to make traditional mooncakes, or mooncakes shaped chocolate or honey cakes. You'll feel like a baking super star, and the'll be gone before you know it!

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make and light up red lanterns

A super easy make-your-own lantern will get your family very excited for the holiday. The traditional red lantern in a modern look. 

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eat kee wah mooncakes, packaged in a rabbit

Two individually wrapped mooncakes from the well known Kee Wah bakery. You can eat them with your family, or decorate and give them as a gift.


very limited amounts available


What's included in the kit

  • Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival -  a hard cover book that guides you through the holiday

  • Make-your-own red paper lanterns - 2 lanterns

  • Mooncake silicon mold

  • 2 delicious mooncakes from the well known Kee Wah bakery


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Mid Autumn Festival Family Kit
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