Diwali Holiday Box

Diwali Holiday Box

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Our holiday kit packs 4 memorable experiences in the spirit of Diwali.

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Here's what you get:

  • Diwali Guide- What's the origin of Diwali? What gods are worshiped and what how does the legend go? Our step-by-step holiday guide will make this a walk in the park. Colorful and loaded with images, it guides you through the most common traditions and their meaning including diyas, rangoli, sharing sweets and more.

  • Rangoli activity -  A rewarding parent-child joint activity that offers an opportunity to create art and joy!  Grab a stencil and fill it in with colorful natural materials (rice, rice flour and flower petals).  Create your very own modern take on traditional rangoli.

    • 4 stencils

    • 4 bags of colorful natural materials (rice, rice flour, rose petals - colors may vary). 

  • Make-your-own diyas (lights) - Create 3 diyas with colorful modeling clay (Sculpey). Stamp the diyas with using the stamps and roller, bake, decorate and ligh up!

    • 7oz of colorful Sculpey (3 colors + gold)

    • diwali roller/stamp, gem stickers (3 strips of varying colors)

  • 8-10 Glow bangles and connectors 


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