Wholesale Hanukkah Holiday Box

Wholesale Hanukkah Holiday Box


Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights and frankly, our favorite. Our box offers the essence of Hanukkah with 6 holiday activities for the whole family:

  1. Celebrate like a pro with a 64 full-color holiday guide is packed with customs, delicious recipes, songs and games
  2. Make your Hanukkah donuts, yes, the real deal! - we made it super easy with our donut deep frying kit (makes 20 donuts, includes quality dry ingredient mix, deep frying thermometer and ready to squeeze jam)
  3. Craft a modern menorah out of clay (makes 1, includes 10 oz of polymer clay, 9 zinc washers). 
  4. Light your menorah with traditional candles from Israel (1 pack of 44 candles)
  5. Play the dreidel game (3 dreidels)
  6. Eat chocolate gelt (1 sac of approx. 18 coins)

We work hard to make it easy so that families can spend time and celebrate together. Makes a thoughtful holiday gift for your family or friends. 

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