PLANT holy land seed


Planting instructions

  1. Soak Olive seeds for 25 hours before you start

  2. Mix the soil - put all your solid soil discs in a small bowl, and add ½ -¾ cups of water. Mx until moist (Don’t add the water all at once.. See how much you need).

  3. Place the planting tray over a tray, plate,  or a piece of paper to keep the mess contained.

  4. Fill the plating tray with solid up to ⅔ in height

  5. Poke a small hole with two fingers

  6. In each pod, place either:

    1. 10-15 seeds of Barley or

    2. 1 olive seed

  7. Cover gently with more soil

  8. Place in a place with a warm temperature (70º -80º) and lot of sun, like a windowsill and water daily, to keep the soil moist

  9. After 5 or so day, the Barley should start growing, given the right conditions.

  10. The olive seeds take a lot of care, and are more of a challenge. Sprouts may come out 6-7 months later.

  11. The planting pods are biodegradable, so at any point, you can transfer the whole pod, including the  seed/sprout into a bigger pot, or into your garden