Make honeycomb rings to dress your table

On the evening of Rosh Hashanah we sit down for a festive multi course meal to welcome the new year. We thought it would be nice to add a touch of beautifully folded napkins. 



In the box

  • Polymer clay (for 4 napkin holders*)

  • 8 rings

  • Honeycomb mold

*you can purchase additional polymer clay to use with your rings, if you'd like to make all 8

You also need

  • An oven (with an adult) and oven mits

  • Your choice of fabric or paper napkins


  1. Roll the polymer clay into 4 large balls and 4 tiny balls

  2. Fill the bee shapes of the mold with the tiny balls (make sure there's no air left)

  3. Fill the hexagon with the large ball of the opposite color

  4. Insert the rings a quarter of the way deep (look at the video) making sure the orientation is as desired

  5. Bake in the oven at 275ºF for about 30 mins

  6. Remove using oven mitts (have an adult do it) and cool down for about another 30 mins

  7. Fold napkins using our video and dress your table!

  8. Share pics of your table with us!