Make the Ten Plagues Pixel Art

Make the Ten Plagues Pixel Art

On Passover, we retell the story of Exodus. In this narrative, God sends ten terrible plagues upon Egypt. Each plague was sent to convince the Pharaoh to let the Israelites be free from slavery. Getting to know the Ten Plagues ahead of time is key to keeping us engaged during the ceremony. With this experience, you make a pixel art version of each plague.


Create 5 designs at a time!

1. Place bead card under clear board on a flat surface

2. Place beads one by one to create your designs

3. Spray lots of water from various angles

4. Count 5 seconds

5. Lean the tray on a tissue paper to drain all excess water

6. Wait for more than 1 hour to dry

7. Remove your finished design

8. Attach to the bead chain


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