Collection: Lag Ba'Omer

The Jewish Bonfire Festival • May 8th, 2023

Build your own Lag Ba'Omer experience

  • Feast around the Fire

    Feast around the Fire

    Gather round the fire for a feast. Food tastes even better when its cooked over an open fire; potatoes wrapped in foil, roasted marshmallows, and anything cooked on a stick!
  • Go Outside and Play

    Go Outside and Play

    We play with the bow and arrow, a tribute to the rebels' victory. Arched like a rainbow, the bow hints at Rabbi Bar Yochai's brilliance and virtue.
  • Light up the Night

    Light up the Night

    Gathering around the fire, we celebrate the sparks of wisdom revealed by Bar Yochai in the Zohar. Whether its a candle, a bonfire, or a fire pit, the flickering lights are secret messages from ancient Judean rebels.