Collection: Hanukkah

The Jewish Festival of Lights • Dec 18th, 2022 

Build your own Hanukkah experience

  • Light a Menorah

    Light a Menorah

    We light the menorah for eight nights to celebrate the miracle of the oil which lasted for eight days and nights.
  • Eat Oil Fried Foods

    Eat Oil Fried Foods

    The custom of eating foods fried in oil can be traced all the way to the 12th century. Enjoying potato pancakes and jelly-filled donuts is a delcious way to remember the miracle of oil.
  • Play with a Dreidel

    Play with a Dreidel

    A dreidel is a special spinning top! Historically, Jewish children would play dreidel as a cover in case they were caught studying religious texts, which were outlawed.