Sukkot in a Box™

Everything you need to celebrate the holiday with your family! Each box includes a guide to the holiday, 2-4 fun experiences, and so much more..


Build your own Sukkot experience

  • Build a Sukkah

    Every Sukkot, we build a sukkah in our backyards or on our balconies to recreate the shelters used by the Israelites as they wandered through the desert.

  • Sit in the Sukkah and Invite Guests

    It is a fun to invite people you know over for dinner in the Sukkah, or special figures you wish you knew, typically the Jewish Three Fathers and Four Mothers.

  • Shake the Four Species

    Some shake and bless the four species of plants: etrog (a citrus fruit), lulav (a date palm branch), hadass (myrtle leaves), and arava (willow leaves)