Collection: Shavu'ot

The Jewish Summer Harvest Festival • May 25th, 2023

Build your own Shavu'ot experience

  • Decorate with New Fruits and Flowers

    Decorate with New Fruits and Flowers

    Many people decorate their homes with flowers, greenery, and harvest baskets. In Israel, kids wear floral head decorations.
  • Taste Milk and Honey

    Taste Milk and Honey

    Shavu'ot feasts involve honey and dairy treats, a reminder of the idea that the Promised Land would be overflowing with milk and honey.
  • Learn All Night

    Learn All Night

    The origin of “all-nighters” come from a story about the morning the Israelites were to receive the Torah: they were so excited that they stayed up late the night before and overslept, nearly missing their appointment with Moses/God.