Tu B'Shvat in a Box™

Everything you need to celebrate the holiday with your family! Each box includes a guide to the holiday, 2-4 fun experiences, and so much more..


Build your own Tu B'Shvat experience

  • Tu B'Shvat Agamograph

    Tu B'Shvat Agamograph

    We created two printable easy to make, Agamographs! 

    OPTION 1- print, color and fold

    OPTION 2- print and fold

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  • Tu B'Shvat Coloring Page

    Tu B'Shvat Coloring Page

    Download Tu B'Shvat coloring page. Print, color and cut.

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  • Tu B'Shvat Crossword

    Tu B'Shvat Crossword

    Learn about Tu B'Shvat while searching!

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  • Plant New Trees

    No matter where we live, planting new seeds is a central part of Tu B'Shvat. We are encouraged to plant trees everywhere!

  • Eat Fruits of All Kinds

    On this day, it is customary to enjoy fruits of all kinds, especially those native to Israel. Many celebrate by preparing foods that incorporate the Seven Species of Israel.

  • Have a Fruity Seder Meal

    Some chose to host a rustic meal, or seder, with a sweet and savory meal. This ritual was elaborated in the 17th century of Tzfat, Israel.