Play the Tree Gratitude Bingo

Play the Tree Gratitude Bingo

On Tu B’Shvat, we take time to express gratitude towards trees and nature. From oxygen to fruit, there’s a lot to be grateful for!

While you play, you will uncover some fun facts about trees and the environment and discover some reasons we can be grateful.

How to play

Set up the game by giving each player one game board. Then, place all of the item cards in the center, picture-side down.

Taking turns, players close their eyes to randomly select one item card from the center and read the sentence aloud. If they have the matching picture on their board, they can cover it with the item card.

If they do not have the matching picture, the item card is returned to the center, picture-side up. Then, if another player has the corresponding picture on their board, they can grab the item card and place it on their own game board.

The first player to fill their game board with all nine pictures is the winner!

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