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A box arrives before each holiday with new experiences every year. Starting with Hanukkah!

Celebrate both the main Jewish holidays and additional delightful holidays and traditions, 8 holidays a year in total. This is what your first year will look like:

  • Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights

    Cast your own plaster Menorah, make a modern dreidel and play the game, light special color-coded candles, and more...

  • Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish birthday of the trees

    Host a super fun seder celebration, plant your own citrus tree, play with a tree balancing game, and much more!

  • Purim, the Jewish masquerade festival

    Create costume ears and dress up, cook edible Purim masks, assemble your Hamangrogger and more...

  • Passover, the Jewish exodus festival

    Play & learn about the Ten Plagues, bake matzas, assemble the Tetramino Seder, retell the story of exodus , and more. 

  • Lag Ba'Omer, the Jewish bonfire festival

    Craft your own bow and arrow, and play , aiming at special canvas target, color & read the story of Lag Ba'Omer and more..

  • Shavu'ot, the Jewish summer harvest

    Craft giant Shavu’ot blooms, play with the puzzle of the story of Ruth, construct and fill a harvest basket and more..

  • Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

    Craft pop-up New Year greetings, bake sweet crazy beez treats, explore the jewish calendar, and much more!

  •  Sukkot, the Jewish fall harvest

    Build a pop-up mini sukkah, bake & shake the Four Species, make a very long felt chain to decorate your Sukkah, and more... 

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  • Celebrate known Jewish holidays and discover new ones

  • New activities and experiences every year

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  • Subscribe to your favorite cultural holiday plan

    Subscribe to your favorite cultural holiday plan

  • Receive a box in time for each holiday

    Receive a box in time for each holiday

  • Celebrate and make holiday memories with your family

    Celebrate and make holiday memories with your family

  • Making traditions relevant

    Making traditions relevant

    We transform old traditions into engaging experiences that resonate with new generations.

  • Design-driven quality

    Design-driven quality

    Our original designs combine modern aesthetics, functionality and quality. We aim to always delight you, while keeping our prices fair.  

  • Simple yet meaningful

    Simple yet meaningful

    We design approachable and fun experiences, while preserving the meaning and helping everyone connect on a deeper level.

  • A whole family experience

    A whole family experience

    Our products and experiences appeal to kids and adults alike, and they are created to be shared and enjoyed as a family. 



  • Engaging all five senses

    Engaging all five senses

    In an increasingly digital world, we take joy in helping you to create lasting memories by engaging all the senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

  • For experts and beginners alike

    For experts and beginners alike

    Our experiences are multi-layered and can be enjoyed by both absolute beginners as well as those who have celebrated these traditions all their lives.