Collection: Lohri

The Hindu and Sikh Festival that marks the end of winter and start of spring • Jan 13th, 2024
  • Light a Bonfire

    The main tradition of Lohri to light a bonfire. The bigger the bonfire, the better the Lohri celebration.

  • Dance Gidda to the Beat of the Dhol

    Celebrate the joys of life with the sounds of Dhol and dance Gidda around the bonfire.

  • Fly your kite

    The morning after bonfire, marks the arrival of long days of spring and is celebrated with flying kited in the blue skies.

  • Lohri word search

    Lohri word search

    Learn about Lohri while searching for words. 

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  • Print & Fold a Lohri Kite

    Print & Fold a Lohri Kite

    Download, print and make your own kite!

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