Collection: Qingming

The Chinese festival of paying respects to ancestors by visiting and cleaning their gravesites
  • Visit Graves of Ancestors

    On this day, we visit the graves of our ancestors, clean the gravesite, and offer flowers, food, and incense as a sign of respect.

  • Burn Paper

    Many burn paper offerings such as money or clothing (made out of Joss paper), as it is believed that the ancestors can use them in the afterlife.

  • Fly Kites

    Some fly kites and believe that the higher the kite flies, the closer it will be to the ancestors in the afterlife.

  • Printable Paper Money

    Printable Paper Money

    Joss paper money is a type of traditional Chinese currency that is made from paper and burned as an offering to ancestors during Qingming festival. When burned, it is believed that the smoke and ash from the joss paper money carries the wishes and prayers of the person burning them to their ancestors in the afterlife.

    We've designed these to resemble real currency, and you can print and cut them by hand.

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