The Seven Irish Types

We identified 7 types of Irish archetypes and created a fun quiz to help you find out what type you are.  

If you haven't already, take the quiz

  • The Culinary Irish

    The Culinary Irish

    You are what you eat, and you wear your Irish culinary passion on your sleeve. A perfectly brewed stout or a hot plate of colcannon isn't just food for you; it's an experience, a journey to the heart of Ireland. The kitchen is your playground, and every Irish recipe, a cherished tale.

  • The Curious Irish

    The Curious Irish

    You are a treasure trove of Irish tales and traditions. The poetic verses of Yeats echo your sentiments, and the mysteries of the Gaelic language pique your interest. For you, every Irish story is a window into a vibrant cultural tapestry waiting to be explored.
  • The Genealogy Guru

    The Genealogy Guru

    You are a detective of your own history, tracing back through the sands of time. The tales of old villages, forgotten surnames, and ancient lands aren't just stories to you; they're personal. Every discovery is a step closer to understanding the roots that make you who you are.

  • The Harmony Irish

    The Harmony Irish

    You're a harmonious blend of all things Irish. Equally at home in an Irish dance or deep in a cultural book, you cherish every shade of your heritage. Whether it's tasting traditional dishes, tracing ancestral tales, or sharing age-old traditions, you embrace every element of the Irish legacy. 

  • The Legacy Builder

    The Legacy Builder

    You are the bridge between yesteryears and tomorrow. You hold family tales close to your heart and see a piece of history in every heirloom. In every child's laugh, you hear echoes of ancestors, and you believe in passing down the legacy of tales and traditions.

  • The Party Irish

    The Party Irish

    You are the heart's rhythm during an Irish fest. The beat of the bodhrán mirrors your pulse, and your feet have a mind of their own when they hear the fiddle. You revel in the communal spirit of ceilidhs and feel most alive amidst the energetic hum of Irish gatherings.

  • The Spirit Irish

    The Spirit Irish

    You wear your Irish pride on your sleeve—literally. From Claddagh rings to Aran sweaters, both you and your home radiate the warmth of the Emerald Isle. Everywhere you go, a touch of Irish charm follows.