Collection: Los Reyes Magos

Celebrate the Three Kings Day or Los Reyes Magos • Jan 6th, 2024

Build your own Los Reyes Magos experience

  • Los Reyes Magos Coloring Page

    Los Reyes Magos Coloring Page

    Download Los Reyes Mages coloring page. Print, color and cut. The backside has a little explanation about the holiday.


  • Los Reyes Magos Word Search

    Los Reyes Magos Word Search

    Free printable Los Reyes Magos word search.


  • Rosca de Reyes Recipe

    Rosca de Reyes Recipe

    Try this delicious Rosca de Reyes recipe! This is a traditional Rosca recipe to enjoy with your favorite hot drink on January 6th.


  • Hide Letters in a Shoe

    On the night of January 5th, children leave letters outside their homes inside an old shoe for the Three Kings to find. Historically, leaving a pair of old shoes for Jesus was a good deed that was rewarded by gifts from the Three Kings.

  • Find the Baby Inside Rosca de Reyes

    Rosca de Reyes, a delicious crown shaped donut-shaped cake made of sweet bread and decorated with dried fruits, hides a big surprise inside: a tiny baby Jesus doll. The one who finds it, makes tamales in Candelaria, Feb 2nd.

  • Open Gifts

    On the morning of January 6th, children wake up very early so they can open their gifts and give thank to the Three Kings. If they’ve been well behaved, the gifts will be good; if they’ve been naughty, they might just get rocks!