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Shavu'ot in a Box™

Shavu'ot in a Box™

Giant Bloom

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Also available as part of A Year of Jewish Holidays - 9 Boxes , A Year of Jewish Holidays - 4 Boxes

Seven weeks after Passover, we arrive to the holiday of Shavu'ot, awakening to the bounty of summertime and the joy of learning. In Hebrew, the word “Shavu'ot” means “weeks.” During this festival, we gather with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy dairy-filled feasts and late-night conversations.

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Packed With Holiday Gear, Crafts, And Activities For The Entire Family


Craft giant Shavu’ot blooms

Enjoy this bright and delightful tradition with our fun crafting kit. We've included everything you need to put together 3 giant Shavu'ot flowers. You will love the festive pop of color they add to your home!


Stay up all night with the story of Ruth

We transformed the Story of Ruth into a double-sided puzzle that will inspire you to stay up all night on Shavu'ot. Illustrated by famous Israeli artist Ruth Gwili, this unique puzzle invites you to play and learn at the same time.


Construct and fill a modern harvest basket

Build a unique Shavu'ot Harvest Basket to fill with goodies!


Discover new traditions and so much more

Celebrate Shavu'ot like a pro with our step-by-step holiday guide.

Included when you purchase Shavu'ot in a Box™, or with the first year of your Jewish Holidays Plan.


Collect a Shavu'ot charm

This Ten Commandment charm is the perfect collectible for Shavu'ot! *Charm does not include DAYS keychain

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