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celebrate lag Ba'omer like a pro with our lag ba'omer customs guide

Our 52 full color guide will help you prepare for and celebrate the holiday with the entire family.


make your own bow and arrow!

 The bow and arrow is a tribute to the rebels’ victory. Arched like a rainbow, the bow hints at Rabbi Bar Yochai’s brilliance and virtue. Build a bow, construct the arrows and decorate the quiver!

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aim for the rainbow!

Our target is decorated with the colors of the rainbow and seven divine virtues revealed in the book of Zohar. Hang your target and play outdoors!

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weave a bonfire craft

Replicate the tradition of lighting a bonfire with our weaving craft night light. All materials are included. Find some quiet time for weaving, light it up, place it by your bed and dream bonfire. 

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feast around the fire

Gather round the fire for a feast. Food tastes better when it’s cooked over an open fire: potatoes wrapped in foil, roasted marshmallows, and anything on a stick. Use your telescopic stick to roast your kosher marshmallows!

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Sing songs by the fire

In our booklet you will find lyrics and links to videos of songs you can sign around the campfire



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