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our super easy to follow edition of the Haggadah

Our Passover guide will help you prepare for and run the Seder ceremony like a pro. We made it easy, fun and designed to keep the entire family engaged. 150 full color pages, 15 stickers to follow the steps of the ceremony, with original art by Israeli artist Ruth Gwili and in collaboration with JCC.


Limited edition original Matzo and Afikoman covers

Passover requires a lot of special ‘holiday gear’. Our limited edition original covers are illustrated by the Israeli artist Ruth Gwili and speak to the values of Freedom and Curiosity. Use them as your main covers, or as extra-special covers just for your kids to use.

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DESIGNER seder plate (that is also a puzzle!)

Our Seder Plate will add ‘a kick of modern’ to your traditional Passover table. Limited series production, designed by the Days artists and manufactured by us right here in California. Use it as your main Seder plate or as a decoration. Oh.. and it’s also a puzzle for the kids.

Made from select premium wood veneers - walnut, cedar, bamboo or birch. Cedar plate shown above, your plate color and wood variety may vary.

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traditional matzo balls you can make in 5 minutes

The best part of the Passover meal is the matzo balls. For many these bring back the best childhood memories. Our box includes the special mix - just add eggs and oil and you'll have 8 full servings of delicious Matzo Balls to go with your chicken soup. 

Made with Kosher for Passover matzo meal. 

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jumping frogs - a little seder tradition for the kids

For the young ones, or the young at heart.. when the Haggadah talks about the ten plagues, make these jump on the table to add a fun element to the ceremony.



We work really hard to bring you great quality in the selection, curation, and craftsmanship that goes into everything we make. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


Designed and packaged with love in California

We spend months crafting each box, transforming traditions into experiences, recipes and craft projects for the whole family. We work hard, to make it easy for you to spend time and celebrate with your family!


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