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Days Original

Passover in a Box™

Passover in a Box™

A Night to Remember

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Passover is the Jewish spring holiday that relives the Biblical story of the Israelite's exodus from Egypt. Make this year's Passover Seder unforgettable with our fun box. Learn about the Ten Plagues through pixel art, discover the song Had Gadya by building your own Had Gadya TV, and follow the ceremony with our special edition Passover Haggadah.


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Packed With Holiday Gear, Crafts, And Activities For The Entire Family


Build Had Gadya TV and sing along!

‘Had Gadya’ is one of the most playful songs in the Passover Seder, and a meaningful way to end it.
Build your own Had Gadya TV, and play it as you sing this super fun song during the Seder.


Make the Ten Plagues Pixel Art

The Ten Plagues are an integral part of the Exodus story. Therefore, getting to know them ahead of time is key to keeping us engaged during the ceremony. With this experience, you make a pixel art version of each plague.


Retell the story of exodus with Days special edition Hagaddah

Days edition Haggadah is simpler, clearer, more engaging, and fun. Everyone will be able to follow along in English, Hebrew, or transliteration. 72 color pages + 42 stickers.


Discover new traditions and so much more!

You'll celebrate like a pro with our step-by-step holiday guide. Designed for beginners and experts alike, it covers meaningful Passover traditions, discussion questions, festive recipes, and much more!

Included when you purchase Passover in a Box™, or with the first year of your Jewish Holidays Plan.

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