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Days Special Edition Passover Haggadah - Impact

Days Special Edition Passover Haggadah - Impact

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Days edition Haggadah is simpler, clearer, more engaging, and fun. Everyone will be able to follow along in English, Hebrew, or transliteration. 72 color pages + 42 stickers.

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Our Days edition Haggadah revolutionizes Passover with simplicity, clarity, and engagement. Its bilingual text and transliteration ensure inclusivity, while 72 colorful pages and 42 stickers make the Seder interactive and enjoyable for all ages, fostering a deeper connection to the holiday's traditions

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Great for a community Seder or as a Passover gift to your members


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  • Making traditions relevant

    Making traditions relevant

    We transform old traditions into engaging experiences that resonate with new generations.

  • Design-driven quality

    Design-driven quality

    Our original designs combine modern aesthetics, functionality and quality. We aim to always delight you, while keeping our prices fair.  

  • Simple yet meaningful

    Simple yet meaningful

    We design approachable and fun experiences, while preserving the meaning and helping everyone connect on a deeper level.

  • A whole family experience

    A whole family experience

    Our products and experiences appeal to kids and adults alike, and they are created to be shared and enjoyed as a family. 



  • Engaging all five senses

    Engaging all five senses

    In an increasingly digital world, we take joy in helping you to create lasting memories by engaging all the senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

  • For experts and beginners alike

    For experts and beginners alike

    Our experiences are multi-layered and can be enjoyed by both absolute beginners as well as those who have celebrated these traditions all their lives. 

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