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Hanukkah in a Box™

Hanukkah in a Box™

Play with Colors

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Also available as part of Jewish All Holidays Plan - Starting with Rosh Hashanah , Jewish Main Holidays Plan - Starting with Rosh Hashanah

Celebrate Hanukkah with this super fun kit. It comes with everything you need to engage the entire family in traditional activities, as well as introduce a few new ones that even the kids can do. Cast your own Rock of Ages Menorah out of plaster, Make a bright and modern dreidel to play the classic game while you learn about mixing colors, count the days with special color-coded candles, and more...

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Packed With Holiday Gear, Crafts, And Activities For The Entire Family


Cast a unique colorful Menorah

Create a unique colorful plaster Menorah with the Days Menorah Maker and your set of colorful plaster material. Mix the colors and arrange this Menorah in any way you like.


Watch the colors spin as you play the classic dreidel game

Make a bright and modern dreidel to play the classic game while you learn about mixing colors. Choose your favorite top and watch colors mix as you spin your dreidel. You can also create your own unique design. This kit includes one dreidel with three different designs to spin and color! 


Count the nights with our special Hanukkah Color Coded Candles

We designed and included a very special set of holiday candles in our Hanukkah box. Not only are they modern and festive, their colors create an innovative system that reminds you which candles to light on which night.

**Warning - Fire Safety**


Hanukkah Guide Book

Our original and colorful step-by-step holiday guide will help you celebrate like a pro. Full of useful info for beginners and experts alike, it covers the story of Hanukkah, how to light the menorah, how to play the dreidel game, how to host a Hanukkah get-together with our exclusive recipes, and much more.

Included when you purchase Hanukkah in a Box™, or with the first year of your Jewish Holidays Plan.


Collect a menorah charm

This Menorah charm is the perfect collectable for Hanukkah!
*Charm does not include DAYS keychain

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