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Jewish Main Holidays Plan

Jewish Main Holidays Plan

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A fun, engaging, and educational way to celebrate both the main Jewish holidays, 4 holidays a year in total.

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    Recive a Box In Time For Each Holiday and Enage the Entire Family in the Celebration


    Celebrate Hanukkah - the Jewish festival of lights

    Celebrate Hanukkah with this super fun kit. It comes with everything you need to engage the entire family in traditional activities, as well as introduce a few new ones that even the kids can do. Cast your own Rock of Ages Menorah out of plaster, Make a bright and modern dreidel to play the classic game while you learn about mixing colors, count the days with special color-coded candles, and more...

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    Celebrate Passover, the Jewish exodus festival

    Passover is the Jewish spring holiday that relives the Biblical story of the Israelite's exodus from Egypt. This Passover box is for families who want to make the most of their Seder by creating a fun and engaging experience for everyone. You'll start the evening with a special chametz hunt, followed by folding all ten plagues out of origami, crafting and coloring an Afikoman cover, and more..


    Celebrate Shavu'ot, the Jewish summer harvest

    Seven weeks after Passover, we arrive to the holiday of Shavu'ot, awakening to the bounty of summertime and the joy of learning. In Hebrew, the word “Shavu'ot” means “weeks.” During this festival, we gather with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy dairy-filled feasts and late-night conversations.


    Celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

    Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year and the sweetest holiday of all! This box will put everyone in a new year mood, including crafting colorful 3D pop-up greetings, baking sweet crazy beez treats with our special baking kit, exploring the jewish calendar, and much more!

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      Receive a box in time for each holiday

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      Celebrate and make holiday memories with your family

    Individual Holidays in a Box™ included in Jewish Main Holidays Plan