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Holi in a Box™

Holi in a Box™

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Holi is the Hindu Festival of Colors. This box has everything you need to celebrate it like a pro and engage the family in the celebration! Enjoy a Holi color play, read the story of the legend of Prahlad & Holika, cook a Holi feast, taste Indian savories, and so much more!
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Packed With Holiday Gear, Crafts, And Activities For The Entire Family

This is what your first year will look like


Enjoy a Holi Color Play

The most fun aspect of Holi is playing with colors. Dry powder colors are the most common way of playing with colors during Holi. You can throw these colors on each other or smear them on faces.

We have collaborated with Chameleon Colors, to enrich your Holi experience. Their non-toxic, non-hazardous colors are made out of natural corn starch with food coloring. 

Includes: 7 x Individual Holi Color Packets,  3 x 4oz squeezable bottles, and 3 x paper funnels.


Read the Story of the Legend of Prahlad & Holika

Retell the important Holi story about the Legend of Prahlad & Holika. Days' original story book is the perfect way to dive into this timeless narrative.


Discover new traditions and so much more

Our original and colorful Days Holi Guide has 52 pages full of holiday traditions, step-by-step instructions, ceremonies, recipes, and much more! See, read, and scan to watch related videos.


Cook a Holi feast and enjoy Indian savories

We collected unique Holi recipes for you to enjoy as well as a box of custom savory snacks for an immediate Holi food experience.

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