In partnership with the Seattle Federation, we're proud to offer Purim in a Box™, a unique opportunity to ignite your children's passion for Jewish traditions at a very special price. This carefully curated package is your key to a memorable Purim, designed not just for fun, but to foster a deep connection with Jewish heritage. With everything your family needs to celebrate, it's the ideal way to make a significant impact on your children's understanding and love for their culture.


Purim in Box™

Packed With Holiday Gear, Crafts, and Activities For The Entire Family. Here's what's inside:


Create your own costume ears

Our costume kit includes everything you need to create your own collection of whimsical costume ears. Just assemble the pieces and add your own touch to complete the look. Making your own Purim costume has never been easier!


Make edible lollipop masks

Create your own show-stopping candy creations! Our custom mold makes it so easy to make some festive Purim treats. Put them on display, wear them as a costume, or gift them to loved ones as mishloach manot.


Build and shake a pop art grogger (noisemaker)

Add a modern twist to the classic noise making tradition with our one-of-a-kind Haman Grogger. Assemble the parts and shake this dynamic piece of art whenever you hear Haman's name for Purim!


Collect a Purim charm

This Hamantaschen charm is the perfect collectable for Purim. *Charm does not include DAYS keychain


Host a purim party and so much more

You'll celebrate like a pro with our step-by-step holiday guide. Designed for beginners and experts alike, it covers meaningful Purim traditions, discussion questions, festive recipes, and much more!

Included when you purchase Purim in a Box™ , or with the first year of your Jewish Holidays Plan.


Our special deal in partnership with the Seattle Jewish Federation:

Use code SEATTLE50 to get 50% OFF Purim in a Box™ • Use code SEATTLEFREE to get Purim in a Box™ for FREE when you subscribe to our Annual Jewish Holidays Plan ⭐️ Most Popular⭐️

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