shavu'ot in a box

create holiday memories with your familY


celebrate shavu'ot like a pro with our holiday customs guide

Our 52 pages full color guide will help you prepare for and celebrate the holiday with the entire family.


decorate with new fruits and flowers 

Many people decorate their homes with flowers, greenery, and harvest baskets. In your box you will find everything you need to weave your own basket. Fill your basket with seasonal fruits and flowers. 

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taste of milk and honey!

In your box you will find everything you need to make labneh, a delicious soft cheese popular throughout the Middle East as well as delicious California honey stix to serve with your labneh, or as a snack.

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play the aleph-beit

Anyone can learn the Aleph Beit with our pixelated blueprints. Write the letters, write your name.. write anything. Don't need help? try to figure out the pixels yourself. 

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make a wish at midnight

The mystics say that the heavens are most receptive to wishes made at midnight on Shavuot. We came up with a way for you to send your wish to the heavens, without necessarily needing to stay awake until midnight. 

Shavu'ot Holiday Box
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