Holi in a Box™

Everything you need to celebrate the holiday with your family! Each box includes a guide to the holiday, 2-4 fun experiences, and so much more..


Build your own Holi experience

  • Print and Fold Holi Bonfire

    Print and Fold Holi Bonfire

    Celebrate Holi with your own (indoor safe) bonfire!

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  • Holi Colors Word Search

    Holi Colors Word Search

    Do you know the meaning of The Holi Colors?

    Learn the meaning of each color while searching for them.

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  • Have a Color Fight

    Celebrate the arrival of spring with vibrant colors

  • Eat Boondi Gujiya

    We bring you some recipes, including Boondi Gujiya, to enjoy during the joyous festival of Holi.

  • Light a Bonfire

    Following on the legend of the story of Holika, a bonfire is lit on the eve of Holi.